About Us

Candice Harper


Professionally trained Love Coach, Speaker, Author and lifetime personal growth junkie. Candice is also the founder and creator of The EPIC Intensive. If you want to learn more about her personal story click here

Renee Reid-Nicholson


Marketing Genius, copy editor, and magical, married Mom of three. Renee has a Master's from Columbia University, a classic and effortless sense of style, and a side-busting sense of humor. 

Staff & Partners


We support women of color with expressing their creativity, honing their leadership skills, and paving their path to financial freedom. To that end, we often outsource everything from admin, yoga teaching, videography, and anything else that is outside of our zones of genius. 

Our Mission, Vision, and Future

The Western Woman of Color is a Force of Nature.

Our mission is that every woman have such a profound understanding of her power that she never ends up stuck in a job, relationship or adverse "situation" again. Our vision is the mental/emotional wellness of millions of women across the diaspora. Our future is EPIC wellness centers in locations all over the world.


Why would I do group coaching?


As humans we crave connection and belonging, which is why there's nothing more powerful than communal healing. Lone wolves survive but they don't thrive.

How does The Intensive work?


12 weekly online group sessions with a professional coach to facilitate the breakthroughs. A weekly optional Q&A. A three day graduation wellness retreat at the end. 

How do I get in?


The first step is to apply for a complimentary consultation. Once your call is scheduled, an EPIC coach will call you and we'll have a connective conversation to find out if we're a fit.