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Where survivors of toxic relationships become
EPIC women.

The EPIC Intensive

(Empowering Practices for Intimate Connections)

EPIC women create happy, healthy relationships.

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The EPIC Intensive


Masterful Group Coaching

EPIC stands for Empowering Practices for Intimate Connections. The EPIC Intensive is a 12-session, small group coaching program that gives participants a safe, supportive space to have breakdowns, breakthroughs, life-changing epiphanies, and completely transform their reality. 


A Supportive Community

Connecting and sharing with a community generates, inspires, and creates major shifts. Do you ever feel like the things you know to be true are a struggle to apply to your real life? (Things like forgiveness, joy, peace). You are not alone, EPIC Women are included in a private Facebook group where they receive support, put healthy relationship building into practice and participate in a weekly, live self-care Q&A with their life coach. 


A Premium Retreat

To complete the Intensive we travel to one of our select resort locations for a rustic and exquisitely comfortable transformative adventure that includes a physical/emotional breakthrough challenge, restoration, relaxation, and our EPIC Intensive Graduation Ceremonies. 

EPIC Outcomes